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The best non-traditional travel destinations in 2024

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non-traditional travel destinations

Travel helps you learn about cultures, customs, and people around the world, and gives you a chance to experience new things, and local foods and discover new habits from around the world.

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Traveling can also learn some new phrases, and simply make us happier, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit these places this year.

Traveling around the world is a dream that we all have at some time, there are many attractions, including New York (USA), Istanbul (Turkey), Tokyo (Japan), Phuket (Thailand), Marrakesh (Morocco), Santorini (Greece), Bhutan (Asia) ) and other new places mentioned by the writer Sarah Romero in a report published by the Spanish magazine “MUY INTERESANTE”.

non-traditional travel destinationsAnguilla – the Caribbean

It’s hard to find a finer beach than the pure white sandy beaches of Anguilla, which have been chosen among the best honeymoon and family vacation destinations, and stargazing from here is an unforgettable moment.

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Socotra Island – Yemen

Socotra is a world of adventure, beauty, discovery, relaxation and fun. This majestic Island is a vacation destination without limits because there is so much to see and just as much to do.

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The umbrella-shaped “blood tree,” the cucumber tree, the giant succulent tree, and different kinds of birds, spiders, bats, and cats have the only habitat on Socotra.

Socotra Archipelago, in the northwest Indian Ocean near the Gulf of Aden, is 250 km long and comprises four islands and two rocky islets which appear as a prolongation of the Horn of Africa. The site is of universal importance because of its biodiversity with rich and distinct flora and fauna: 37% of Socotra’s 825 plant species, 90% of its reptile species, and 95% of its land snail species do not occur anywhere else in the world.

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Wadi Rum – Jordan

This protected desert area in southern Jordan is distinguished by its wonderful sandy mountains and impressive natural arches. Wadi Rum is located three hundred kilometers south of Amman, one hundred kilometers south of Petra, and fifty kilometers north of Aqaba, and this area is ideal for hiking and mountain climbing.

If you think the kids would enjoy a desert adventure riding camels, bouncy 4×4 jeep drives over sand dunes and climbing up huge rock formations to view the sunset and camping out under the stars in a Martian landscape, then yes, Wadi Rum is worth visiting. It is basically a giant sandpit for them to play in!

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Costa Rica – Central America

It is characterized by green tropical forests, wide beaches, exciting animals, and wonderful volcanoes, and for those wishing to experience this kind, they can visit the Manuel Antonio National Park, and it is recommended to travel to this area between December and April to enjoy the sunshine.

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Montenegro – Balkan island

Montenegro is one of the countries with stunning scenery and cities classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO, this country gives its visitors the opportunity to taste the cuisine of southern Europe, and the legendary island of Sweety Stefan dating back to the 15th century is an ideal place for rest and recreation.

Montenegro, a country located in the west-central Balkans at the southern end of the Dinaric Alps. It is bounded by the Adriatic Sea and Croatia (southwest), Bosnia and Herzegovina (northwest), Serbia (northeast), Kosovo (east), and Albania (southeast). The main square of Stari Bar, Montenegro.

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Samarkand – Uzbekistan

Samarkand is one of the most exciting cities on the Silk Road, because it is the legendary capital of the Tamerlane Empire, and this city has medieval architecture and monuments that have been classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

Image Source: Two Monkeys Travel Group

Among the must-visit places in Samarkand is Registan Square which is one of the most beautiful squares in the world, the Mausoleum of Tamerlane, or the Bibi Khanum Mosque.

Placencia – Belize

Placencia is a different and special place in Belize. It is a small fishermen’s village with beautiful homes and buildings, and home to the first luxury resort in the region, “Atzana”, and this is also an ideal place for water sports such as snorkeling or fishing.

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Whether you coming for a family vacation, a destination wedding, or a romantic honeymoon, Placencia is one of the most beautiful spots in the country. It also serves as the gateway to the southern reef, a mecca for maritime activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and sailing.

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Sydney – Australia

Sydney offers plenty of activities and is characterized by its attractive places, you can climb the city harbor bridge to enjoy the scenic views and have an amazing adventure, stroll through Darling Harbor Street and see the Royal Botanic Garden, and you can go to Coogee Beach or Bondi Beach to watch the surfers.

This vibrant city is known for its yacht-studded harbour, superb beaches, and the iconic Opera House with its towering sail structure. Once a British colony of exiled convicts, Sydney has grown into Australia’s most diverse and cosmopolitan city with an exciting food, arts and entertainment scene.

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Botswana – Africa

Botswana offers an amazing array of landscapes and wildlife, making it one of Africa’s premier travel destinations.

Elephants in moremi national park in Botswana – Image source: Rhino Africa

If you are looking for a place where you will live unforgettable adventures and real experiences then Botswana will be the right destination, as luxury camping has grown in popularity in this region, it is the perfect way to get away from the routine and connect with wildlife and nature while enjoying the comfort and luxury.

Botswana is well known for having some of the best wilderness and wildlife areas on the African continent. 38% of its total land area are devoted to national parks, reserves, and wildlife management areas.

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Iceland – Andrea Schaffer

Iceland is a place like no other, with its waterfalls and glaciers, not to mention that it allows its visitors to watch whales and grebes, and during the year 2019 it is recommended to take a cruise, specifically the “Silver Sea” trip, which can only take 250 lucky guests who will be able to enjoy the beauty of this mysterious country closely.

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Hong Kong – China

Night at Kwun Tong, Hong Kong – John Lam

Hong Kong is among the ideal destinations for this year, giving its visitors the opportunity to enjoy historical places, and food lovers can enjoy multiple culinary options, such as pineapple cakes.

Cartagena – Colombia

A visit to this city is an experience capable of stimulating our senses greatly, with its exciting colors, as well as allowing tourists the opportunity to discover its gastronomy and culture.

Colonial architecture in the historic center of Cartagena – Wikimedia

The historic center of Cartagena, together with the walls that surround it and the Fortification of San Felipe, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Between this and that it has a raging charm, Cartagena is the most touristic city in Colombia.

Czech Prague is characterized by its wonderful architectural landmarks and charming neighborhoods (social networking sites)

Prague – Czech Republic

One of the hidden gems of Europe that attracts millions of tourists annually, and is characterized by its wonderful architectural landmarks and charming neighborhoods, and this city is also one of the most attractive destinations for tourists thanks to its attractions and economic accommodation.

Prague is known for its diverse architecture and museums, along with its abundant and cheap nightlife, and extensive shopping options. It is also famous for its hearty food and cheap beer, along with its well-maintained UNESCO World Heritage city Centre.

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Warsaw – Poland

Among the most prominent cities to visit in Poland are Warsaw, Katowice, and Szczecin, and Poland cannot be visited without stopping at some of the most important historical sites, such as Auschwitz, the historical symbol of Nazi atrocities, which is the most famous concentration camp in the world, which is located seventy kilometers away. from Krakow.

Born from revolution, Warsaw is famous for its flashing neon signs, and the Neon Museum is a chance to discover these, as well as some unique electro-graphic designs from the Cold War era, in one well-lit space.

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