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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities That You Shouldn’t Visit

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It is now very easy to visit remote locations around the world. However, some places are best avoided due to dangerous conditions. On the other hand, some dangerous places are also desirable tourist destinations. So If you decide to visit such places, you should at least be aware of the dangers and take reasonable precautions. Here, in descending order, are the ten most dangerous cities in the world.

Most Dangerous Cities That You Shouldn't Visit

All destinations below are listed in DO NO TRAVEL list of US government.

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Most Dangerous Cities :

10. Caracas, Venezuela

This is the capital of Venezuela and is currently facing a crisis involving drug gangs. Street crimes such as theft and theft are also common, which makes it an unpopular destination for most tourists. Many other cities in Venezuela also have high crime rates.

9- Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mexico’s problems with drug dealers are well known, and Ciudad Juarez is one of the most violent cities in the country at the moment. Police are often employed or paid by drug cartels, which means that many crimes go unpunished.

8. Central African Republic

Although there have been no specific incidents of violence or threats targeting U.S. citizens, civil unrest, demonstrations, and election-related violence (including renewed outbreaks of armed conflict) may occur throughout the country, including the capital of Bangui.

Violent crime, such as armed robbery, aggravated battery, and homicide, is common.

Armed groups control large areas of the country and they regularly kidnap, injure, and/or kill civilians.  In the event of unrest, airport, land border, and road closures may occur with little or no notice.

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7- Sana’a, Yemen

A civil war continues in Yemen. In addition, terrorist groups continue to plot and conduct attacks in Yemen. Terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting public sites, transportation hubs, markets/shopping malls, and local government facilities. Additionally, there is a continuing threat of kidnapping/detention by terrorists, criminal elements, and/or non-government actors. Employees of western organizations may be targeted for attack or kidnapping.

Military conflict has caused significant destruction of infrastructure, housing, medical facilities, schools, and power and water utilities. This limits the availability of electricity, clean water, and medical care. This instability often hampers the ability of humanitarian organizations to deliver critically needed food, medicine, and water. Critical levels of violence, to include armed conflict, artillery shelling, and air strikes, persist throughout the country. There are also reports of landmines throughout Yemen.

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There is a very high risk of kidnapping, and detention of U.S. citizens in Yemen, particularly dual national Yemeni-Americans. Rebel groups in Sana’a have detained U.S. citizens, including dual Yemeni-American citizens. U.S. citizens, including dual nationals, have faced difficulty – including lengthy delays – when attempting to depart Yemen.

6- Guatemala City, Guatemala

Although Guatemala, a Central American country located in the Caribbean, has many tourist attractions, it is a country that suffers from drug violence. It has a high murder rate and other common crimes include road robberies, bus thefts and car thefts. It is advisable to visit Guatemala to stay in safer areas and avoid Guatemala City.

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5. Acapulco, Mexico

Not so long ago, this city was considered a safe and luxurious resort area. While tourism in Acapulco remains very popular, drug violence has now made it a dangerous area. Recent statistics reveal that this city has one of the highest murder rates in the world -142 per 100,000 people. People who visit Acapulco are advised to stay on the property of the resorts where they are staying, as most crime takes place in the surrounding areas.

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4. Baghdad, Iraq

Bombings, shootings, and other violent events are common in Iraq. This country has been on the Americans’ “Do Not Travel” list for many years and Baghdad is still a dangerous place. The future of Iraq is highly uncertain as US forces are driven out of the country. This is another war-torn country that isn’t likely to be safe anytime soon. Since the violence in Baghdad usually consists of unpredictable outbreaks of terror, it is not a place that people should visit without a good reason.

3. Kabul, Afghanistan

This was one of the most dangerous cities in the world for some time. It is still a war zone, although US forces are gradually being removed from the country. Terrorist attacks, including several bombings, are common. Kabul faces a very uncertain future and is likely to be a very dangerous place for the foreseeable future. Like Baghdad, Kabul is a city where violence can happen at any time.

2. South Sudan

Do not travel to South Sudan due to crime, kidnapping, and armed conflict.

Violent crime, such as carjacking’s, shootings, ambushes, assaults, robberies, and kidnappings is common throughout South Sudan, including Juba. Foreign nationals have been the victims of rape, sexual assault, armed robberies, and other violent crimes.

Armed conflict is ongoing and includes fighting between various political and ethnic groups. Weapons are readily available to the population. In addition, cattle raids occur throughout the country and often lead to violence.

Reporting in South Sudan without the proper documentation from the South Sudanese Media Authority is considered illegal, and any journalistic work there is very dangerous. Journalists regularly report being harassed in South Sudan, and many have been killed while covering the conflict.

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1- San Pedro Sula, Honduras

This city has been ranked as one of the most violent regions in the world for several years now. According to many sources, it has the highest homicide rate in the world – 169 per 100,000 people. Gun trafficking is a huge problem, and illegal firearms are prevalent throughout the city. This is the city that tourists should do anything to avoid.

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