What you should know before visiting Havasu waterfalls in USA?

Havasu Falls is one of the most visited destinations in USA by tourists and it's the most famous of the aqua-blue Havasupai Waterfalls that spill over deep-orange, travertine cliffs in a desert oasis of stunning beauty. The stark contrast between the arid desert landscape of the Havasu Canyon and the lush vegetation near the water is a juxtaposition of harsh desert and a sumptuous tropical paradise.

The five Havasupai Falls include Navajo Falls, Fifty Foot Falls, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, and Beaver Falls. All are located on the Havasupai Indian reservation in a side canyon of the Grand Canyon. The waterfalls of the Grand Canyon are like no other in the world, and visiting them is the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Why you should visit Havasu Falls?

Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon in the United States has been the destination of the avid hiker and adventure seeker in the Grand Canyon for years and until now. As a result of this ever-increasing demand…the impact on Havasupai has grown too large. So, there are some significant changes this year for booking your Hiking and Camping trip to the Falls.

In order to maintain the pristine beauty of this isolated desert paradise, the Havasupai tribe limits the number of visitors allowed to visit the reservation. There is no day hiking permitted in the canyon. Any visitor must have a reservation and entrance fees are now paid in advance. The cost is $100-$125 per person/night including all taxes and environmental fees. These fees can be paid upfront online when you make your reservation.

Permit reservations typically begin on February 1st of each year, but don't wait to make your reservation. Most permits are taken up within the first few hours of becoming available. Once you successfully attain a permit, keep your receipt with you as you make your way down Havasu Canyon, as there are checkpoints to verify all visitors have paid.

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How To Get To Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon

There are three options and ways to visit the waterfalls which you must choose one of them :


From Hualapai Hilltop, it is 8 miles to the Supai village and 2 additional miles to camping and waterfalls. * Please Note: Hiking in the middle of the day is not wise, especially during the summer months. Most hikers begin just before sunrise to take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures. There is no drinking water available at any point along the hike. Each person should carry a minimum of 1 gallon of water to avoid dehydration. Hiking at night is not recommended.


Helicopter travel is provided by Airwest Helicopters and is weather dependent. Cost for a helicopter ride into the canyon is $85 per person each way. Each person is allowed 1 carry-on bag. Any additional luggage is charged by the weight. Children 2 years and younger fly free. Reservations for helicopters cannot be made. You must show up at Hualapai Hilltop and sign in before 10am. Tribal members receive priority boarding. Tourists are boarded on a first come, first served basis. It takes approximately 15 minutes to fly from Havasupai Hilltop to the Supai village. In order to see the waterfalls, you will still need to hike 2+ miles from the village. For more information, call Airwest Helicopters (623) 516- 2790.

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Pack Mule

Take A Stand Against Animal Cruelty - Hike & Carry Your Own Gear or Take a Helicopter

2022 Havasupai Falls Reservations Info & Tips

Opening Day Suspended

Tip: Opening Day is when campground reservations for the season go on sale. Typically, all permits get claimed within hours on the first day. If you want a chance at getting a reservation, create an account on https://www.havasupaireservations.com prior to the opening day of sales and be ready to go by 8 AM when the reservation calendar for the season opens up.

ALL visits to Havasupai and Havasu Falls require a reservation made PRIOR to arrival.

The campground is a "camp wherever you want" campground running for over a mile on both sides of Havasu Creek between Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls in the Grand Canyon.

Havasupai Falls will not open to tourism in 2022. A spokeswoman provided this statement from the tribe: "The Havasupai Tribal Council has extended the suspension of tourism through the remainder of the 2022 season.

You can check also: Havasupai Alerts.

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$100 per person per weekday night / $125 per person per weekend night (Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights)

All campground reservations will be for 3 nights / 4 days.

Prices now include all necessary permits, fees, and taxes.

Estimated total: $300-$375 per person for this trip if hiking. Add $170 for round-trip helicopter transportation.

There will be NO phone reservations this year. Please do NOT call unless you have an actual customer service question.

NO commercial permits will be given to tour companies, therefore, there are no commercially guided trips to Havasupai Falls. You MUST get a reservation privately through the tribe's website.

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There is only one name on the reservation - and a reservation is only valid if the person named on the reservation is present at the Tourist Check-in Office in the Village of Supai (on the way to the campground) with photo ID - otherwise the reservation is NOT valid and will NOT be honored. People included on your reservation may reimburse you for up to the face value cost of their spot on your reservation. Native American discounts are processed upon check-in with a valid reservation and identification. All reservations are paid in full at the time the reservation is made and are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-changeable. Reselling of reservations (in whole or in part) is strictly prohibited. Trip/travel insurance is thus highly recommended.

To see available permits, create an account on HavasupaiReservations.com or sign in, and click the Cancellations/Transfer button.


Camping Tourist Office Hours

  • Mar-Oct: 6am-6pm
  • Nov-Apr: 8am-5pm
  • Campground open year-round. Reservations are required.
  • Peak Season: Mar-Oct

Be SURE you are up for a Multi-Night Backpacking experience. If this is your FIRST Multi-Day Backpack Trip…we recommend that you take AT LEAST one Overnight Backpacking trip prior to Havasupai. This is not a good environment to learn about Overnight Backpacking. Please come prepared with some previous Multi-Day Backpacking experience.

And Finally, entrance onto the Havasupai Reservation is conditioned upon the Tourist’s consent to the Tribe’s civil regulatory and civil adjudicatory jurisdiction. By entering onto the Havasupai Reservation, non-Indians consent to the Tribe’s civil regulatory and civil adjudicatory jurisdiction. Tourists consent, contractually, to the Tribe’s civil jurisdiction by possessing an entrance permit to visit the Reservation.

The iconic waterfalls on Havasupai lands will remain closed through the 2022 tourist season, the Havasupai Tribal Council announced Friday.

The best time to visit Havasupai Falls

Havasu canyon is open to visitors year-round; however, the peak tourist season is May through September. Water temperatures average 60 -70 degrees Fahrenheit during these months. Monsoon season in Arizona begins in mid-July and extends through August. Heavy rains cause flash floods during this time and evacuation of visitors due to high water is not unheard of. The shoulder season of September through November, March, and April tend to have comfortable air temperatures; however, the water will be chilly. The Winter months of December through February are cold despite the dry climate and swimming and camping are only for the bravest and toughest visitors. Staying in the lodge during the winter is a more comfortable option for not-so-hot-blooded individuals.

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Amenities Available at Havasupai Falls

If you are camping, you are responsible for bringing all necessities for sleeping and cooking for yourself. There is drinking water available in the village and at the campsites or you can bring a strong filtration system and drink from the river. Composting toilets are available in several locations in the canyon. Occasionally, TP runs low so it is wise to bring your own! There is a store in the village that provides basic necessities; however, everything is flown in via helicopter so don't expect any cheap prices and availability may be restricted. For those not wishing to cook for themselves, a café near the lodge in Supai village serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lodge is equipped with WiFi and electricity for those of you who can't imagine a day without the internet.

Q&A about Havasu Falls

Is Havasu Falls Open in 2022?‬‏

Havasupai Falls will not open to tourism in 2022. A spokeswoman provided this statement from the tribe: "The Havasupai Tribal Council has extended the suspension of tourism through the remainder of the 2022 season.

How do I get to Havasu Falls?

The best way to reach Havasupai is from Highway 66, six miles east of Peach Springs, onto Indian Route 18, a 64 mile road to Hualapai Hilltop. From the Hilltop parking lot there is an eight mile trail to Supai Village. This trail may be traveled either by foot or horse.

Can anyone go to Havasu Falls?

Havasu Falls sits on the Havasupai Indian Reservation—which is not part of Grand Canyon National Park—so you'll need to buy a permit from the Havasupai Tribe to access the area.

How long does it take to hike Havasu Falls?

4-7 hours

Begin your hike as early as possible to avoid the heat (or if you can't get there early to hike in, aim for the afternoon while giving yourself enough time to get there before dark). The hike in usually takes 4-7 hours and the hike out takes 5-8 hours.

What is the best time of year to go to Havasu Falls?

The best time to visit Havasu Falls is in the late fall, winter or early spring. During the summer months, plan to hike as early as possible to avoid the heat. Remember to bring plenty of water for the hike, as there is no water available for hikers and the trail can be dry, hot and dusty.

Can you swim in Havasu Falls?

Havasu Falls is probably the best waterfall for swimming. It's much more powerful than Navajo Falls, but still totally swimmable and even non-swimmers can enjoy the refreshing water there. There's a large 

Can you hike Havasu Falls without reservation?

To hike to Havasupai, you'll need reservations. Day trips are not allowed, and the minimum stay is 3 nights if you're camping. You will need camping reservations to stay in the campground, or you'll need reservations at the lodge.

Can you do a day trip to Havasu Falls?

The Havasupai Tribe require that all visitors stay overnight in the canyon and as of 2019 they are requiring a minimum stay of 3 nights on each reservation. This is for your own safety due to the nature of the challenging 10-mile hike in each direction. No day hiking is allowed.

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