Amazing Beach in Saudi Arabia for the end of summer

Duqm Tourist Beach in Saudi Arabia. is a waterfront that combines hills and coral reefs.

Summer is almost gone and the fleeting sun rays are bidding their last farewells. But we have the perfect end-of-summer destination set up... Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the beach. Check also: The Empty Quarter: What Is Happening In The Largest Sand Desert?

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Duqm beach is one of the beaches located in the small coastal town of Umluj in Saudi Arabia, in northwest Saudi Arabia. It’s uncrowded at this time of year, which makes it the perfect destination for a getaway weekend. The waters are as clear as it gets, and there are many activities for your entire group to engage in - whether you’re a family or a group of friends.

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Duqm Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Saudi Arabia frequented by residents and tourists because it is located on a unique waterfront that combines sandy hills and coral reefs, amid the availability of many services that tourists need.

You can find diving, snorkeling, paddling, and many more activities to sign up for, and the cool thing about this beach is that it is much less crowded than Jeddah’s beaches for example, where many tourists flock to enjoy the water activities as well.

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The scenery is stunning as well, with the natural beauty peeking at every corner. The colorful coral reefs are perhaps our favorite thing about Duqm Beach because they boast of the stunning biodiversity that Saudi Arabia offers. Did you know that the beaches in Umluj have around 300 species of corals, which is quadruple the number of Caribbean corals?

Other than the coral reefs, Duqm Beach is home to many fascinating aquatic creatures, like turtles, dugongs, dolphins, sea cows, and more than a thousand types of fish. You’ll also find some migratory birds roaming the beaches as they find the perfect spots to nest.

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And when you’re done with the beach and have spent all your energy exploring everything it has to offer, from the biodiversity to the fun activities, it’s time to settle down for the sunset. The most beautiful spot to watch the sun come down is on the sand by the water, where you can also set up a picnic of favorite bites, while you enjoy the mesmerizing views with family and loved ones.

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