Best Times to book cheapest flights tickets in 2022

Best Time to book cheapest flights tickets in 2022

 It's that time of year! As tradition dictates, at FareCompare, like to look ahead to the new year with a comprehensive overview of airfares and trends to look for. Since they were too eager to wait until January, welcome to the latest installment: Cheapest Days to Fly in 2022!

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To find and compile this information, they reviewed over 280 million airfares from FareCompare's own airfare database, which covers ticket prices through September (Pro tip: most airlines don’t actively manage fares more than nine months ahead). You – as well as the other travelers in your life – will be able to use this overview as a helpful shopping guide for deals now through the next summer season.

Much has changed in the world of travel as we continue to grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccines have made a return to travel possible, but we're all well aware of the reality that new restrictions, requirements, and scenarios can pop up on the horizon at any time.

In the endless pursuit of cheap flights, too many travelers focus on the day they book their flights. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday to any old Tuesday, there is no magical best day to book flights. Here’s what really matters: The cheapest days to fly. 

That’s right: It matters more when you actually get on the plane than when you buy your tickets. Airfare is constantly changing, which means a good bargain, mistake fare, or fare war can pop up any day of the week when you’re booking flights. But there are consistent patterns and trends that show there are often cheaper days of the week to travel – and focusing on those cheapest days to fly throughout the week is a surefire way to find cheap flights.

When booking your next trip, check to make sure you fulfill the destination's entry criteria, double-check the refund and cancellation policies, and always be mindful of taking all global public health advisories into account.

Without much further ado, let's get into it!

How to book Airfare in 2022

When you're getting ready to purchase airfare, do as you would year-round: Compare airfares. No single airline always has the best deal, meaning if you don't compare, you could potentially miss out on big savings.

You can check out the list of Top Websites for Booking Flights at Cheapest Prices in 2022, which will help you in comparing the prices and finding the best deals for flight tickets in 2022.

Another tip: don't shop too late, either. The following months and dates refer to the cheapest days to fly in 2022; to get the best prices, book tickets at least several weeks before departure. It's simple: Do your homework and reap the benefits!

What are the cheapest days to fly?

It is widely known that Tuesdays are the best days to book flights but this is not always the case. You might get a better deal on any other day of the week. There’s no particular day of the week or time that are the cheapest days to fly as the myth ignores the fact that flight prices are constantly changing not just every day, but by each hour and even by the minute. So zeroing in on a specific day is not always true.

Cheapest Times to Fly in 2022

There are clearly cheaper days to fly. But what about the times of the day?

It’s all about supply and demand: Just as the trends we see with the cheapest days, the time of day travelers prefer to fly tends to be more expensive.  Want to fly out late afternoon after the workday, and return home mid-morning without having to wake up early? So does everyone else. Mid-morning and early evening flights are often more expensive – though this trend isn’t quite as set in stone as the cheapest days to fly.

If you’re looking to save, early morning, midday, or late-night flights can often be the cheapest times to fly. And if you’re booking a transcontinental or international flight, you could score some substantial savings if you’re willing to take a red-eye flight overnight.

Let’s take a look at one example with nonstop Delta flights from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Orlando (MCO) in mid-April. The late evening flight that gets you in at midnight might not be your first pick, but it could save you up to $150 on your flight:

Of course, flight prices will vary based on several factors besides just day and time. Here are a few other things to consider:

  1. Where you’re flying to and from. Depending on where you’re flying from and heading to, certain days may be cheaper based on the number of planes heading to that destination.
  2. Your flight preferences. If you want to fly nonstop, certain routes only operate on certain days, so that may limit your options. If you want to fly business class, those cheapest dates could vary based on business travel demand on certain days of the week like Mondays and Fridays.
  3. Which airline you’re flying. Budget carriers have limited flight schedules, and are often an exception to this rule because flights are normally low on most days of the week.

Cheapest Days to Fly 2022: Winter

U.S. and Canada Flights

Cheapest Days to Fly 2022: Winter
Credit: This image from Thrifty Traveler.

  • Cheapest fares: January 7 to February 28
  • Cheapest single travel day: January 21
  • Best days of the week to fly: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, followed by Thursdays

Days to avoid: Prices are higher February 14-17 due to Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekends

Europe Flights

  • Cheapest fares: January 22 to March 25
  • Cheaper days to fly: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Bottom line: You've got choices. There are many days throughout January and February to find cheap domestic flights and flights to Europe.

Cheapest Days to Fly 2022: Spring

U.S. and Canada Flights

  • First post-winter price hike: February 28
  • Best days of the week to fly in March/April: Tuesdays, Wednesdays
  • Most expensive days of the week to fly in March/April: Fridays, Sundays

Europe Flights

  • First post-winter price hike: March 26
  • Second price hike: May 14
  • Third (and largest) price hike: June 2
Bottom line: Early bird gets the worm! The earlier you fly in the spring season, the better.

Cheapest Days to Fly 2022: Summer & Fall

U.S. and Canada Flights

  • First summer price hike: June 4
  • Major price hike: June 22
  • Prices drop: August 25
  • More price drops: Early to mid-September, particularly for flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Europe Flights

  • First summer price hike: June 2
  • First price drop: July 15
  • Major price drop: August 11
  • Another major price drop: September 11
Bottom line: Go big or go home. Summer is expensive, but European fares begin to drop before U.S. prices.

Last words

Finding a great deal on flights can feel like a full-time job with all the changes in airfare, but use this general rule when booking: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are typically the cheapest days to fly.

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The more popular the time to travel, the more expensive flights are likely to be. That goes for the season, month, and even down to the day and time you fly. Start your trip planning with this knowledge in mind before you request that PTO or book any other travel plans. Scoring a cheap flight on these days can save you hundreds, and it’s likely those are cheaper days to take the train and check into your hotel, too.

Top Travel Destinations

Hey, look at you! Now you know when to fly! Let's compare deals on airfares to some of the most popular travel destinations.


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