Bad Travel Habits to Quit and Good Habits to Replace

Bad Travel Habits to Quit and Good Habits to Replace

Travel like anything else, we live to learn and we travel to discover the world. Traveling is a part of life that most people love.  However, it can be very stressful.  Whether it is the planning element of hotel reservations or the planning element of booking flights, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the process of traveling abroad.

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Bad Travel Habits to Quit and Good Habits to Replace

 Travel stress and its causes

 If the thought of traveling stresses you out, we're more than happy to accommodate you throughout the article.  The stress is likely the result of a series of bad travel habits.

 Worst Travel Habits

 In this article we explore the worst. If you've committed any of these bad habits, don't feel too bad.  In fact, most of us have committed two of these holiday sins in the past.  Like anything else, traveling properly takes experience.  You live and learn.

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 best travel habits

 The good news is that for every bad habit to quit, we have a travel hack to replace those tendencies.  The answers to various problems can be very easy.  From a small suitcase to buying an empty dollar tree water jug, these are some simple steps to take that can completely recreate the traveler's experience.

 Bad travel habits that can't be shaken off

 As always, be sure to share the article with a fellow traveler and tell us via Facebook which habit you can't kick, and which solution you enjoyed the most.  Be sure to scroll down this list before heading to your next destination - preferably a week in advance.  Here are ten bad travel habits to quit smoking and ten good ones you can replace.  Enjoy!

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 Bad habit - bring a certain amount to spend

 This may have happened to you.  You leave the credit card at home and bring a set amount of dollars.  Before you know it, you ran out of money and forced to be selective for the rest of the trip (in order to absorb the amount of money you brought in).  This is a recurring problem that can compromise the traveler's experience.

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 You really never know when it comes to how much you're spending at a destination until you get there.  Capping may seem like a good decision but in truth, it hurts the overall experience.

New Habit - Bring More Than You Need

 In order to avoid the risk of being left with nothing, we always advise you to bring a little more than you need (or think you need).  If you are adamant about bringing cash, we recommend a little more than you think may be required.

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 This leaves you plenty of room to rest, and can lead to an extra night out or even some extra souvenirs for the family.  If necessary, you can also bring a credit or debit card as a form of insurance in case the need arises.  It is better to be safe than sorry in this situation.

Bad Habit - Choosing any Flight / Hotel

 This can lead to a horrible flight experience if you are not careful.  When trying to save a few dollars, some travelers have a bad habit of choosing the cheapest flights and hotels.  This leads to a horrific experience and one that you will most likely end up regretting.  In some cases, choosing a flight or hotel for a few extra dollars can make all the difference.

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 Don't accept a better price or the first flight/hotel you see on the internet.  It can set the tone for an unforgettable journey experience.

New Habit - Do your research

 Choosing the first flight that fits your schedule can be very easy.  However, the result may not be as desired.  We recommend that you search for information on the particular airline before booking a flight.  The same goes for the hotel you are staying at.  Where you visit is the biggest factor, but choosing a poor hotel can hurt the overall experience.  Before booking either of the two, be sure to research traveler reviews.

 We also advise you to develop the habit of searching for the best rates.  Sometimes just paying close attention can save you a few extra bucks.

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Bad Habit - Taking more clothes than you need to travel

 How many times has this happened to you?  You fill a huge suitcase full of clothes just to wear a few items during a week-long trip.  Don't feel too sorry if you are.  This is a bad habit that many travelers experience on a regular basis.  Overpacking is never a good thing especially if the bag gets lost.  The last thing you want is your best clothes and items in that bag.  It's one of the many reasons you shouldn't overpack.

 If anything, leave some space for a few souvenirs or purchases made at your travel destination.

New Habit - Use smaller baggage and take less travel baggage

 A simple way to kick this bad habit is to pack a small bag.  This will limit the amount of things you can bring.  We also recommend putting some items in a handbag.  This is very important so that if the bag gets lost, you still have some items at your disposal instead of losing everything.

 A small bag can make for easier and less stressful preparation.  With all the time you'll save packing, you can put it to good use just about anywhere else.  Time is critical when preparing for a trip - don't dispense with part of the problem.

Bad Habit - Language Barriers

 This happens to almost every traveler.  You are heading to a vacation destination unable to speak the language.  Before you knew it, you agreed to a lot of things you didn't want without even knowing it.  This can be a problem once you get off the flight.

 Take Mexico, for example.  Airport workers bother you to promote various services.  Instead of taking a free bus, you could get stuck paying for a taxi.  This is just one of the many problems that occur when you don't know the language in a foreign destination.

The New Habit - Learn the Basics

 Now we're not saying that you have to take a full course and get to know the language word for word.  Instead, we advise you to at least familiarize yourself with the basics of the language.  You can also search online for what kind of tendencies and things to expect once you arrive in a foreign country in a different language.

 It can be admirable not knowing where you are or speaking the same tongue.  At least know the basics;  It will cause less stress than not knowing anything at all.  Make this a new habit to come on your next trip.

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Bad Habit - Trying to do too much

 Trying to do too much is another bad habit that most travelers struggle with.  Flying all over the world, you want to make it a priority to see as many things as possible.  However, the problem with that is that the journey turns out to be more of a burden than actually a pleasure.  You'll arrive at a tourist destination only to think about the next stop on the list.

 You won't live in the moment and all you're really going to do is just push yourself to see as many things as possible.  It's commendable that you want to do as many things as possible but in the grand scheme of things it will result in a less stressful experience.

New Habit - Spend more time in the places you want to

 An easy way to avoid doing too much is to spend more time in places you enjoy.  If you are not interested in art or fancy churches, why put the burden on yourself to visit these sites?  Vacations are all about having fun and doing what you like.  Take some time in advance and prioritize must-see destinations.

 Leave other destinations aside and visit them only if you have extra time.  This will lead to a more relaxing trip and won't make you think about "what's next" regularly.

 Bad Habit - Excessive Planning

Similar to trying to do too much, over planning can also turn the trip into a burden and a battle against the clock.  Again seeing as much as possible is a big priority but it can also cause a bad travel experience.

 Over planning can cause more stress even before the trip begins.  Just imagine having everything already planned and think about all those pauses that need to be done.  This only causes anxiety for travelers and things will only get worse if you are late and not on time - a factor that is bound to happen during the flight.

New Habit w

 Excessive planning is way too cumbersome.  Instead, try to go with the flow.  Similar to the therapy of trying to do too much, spend time in places that you enjoy most.  Vacations are a feeling process.  Keeping with the flow gives you a better idea of ​​what you like to do and what to avoid.

 If you still want to plan, we recommend at least not sticking to a timing type of schedule.  Instead, make the places you want to see a priority without attaching a certain amount of time to it.  You will feel comfortable making such a simple adjustment.

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