The 5 Most Searched Types of Articles in 2022

The main purpose of blogging is to bring in as many visitors as possible. When the articles that are published are so liked, of course it is very happy, right? Especially if you have loyal visitors who always come back every time we update new content. As a writer, I feel very satisfied when our writing is widely seen and accepted by the general public.

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But bringing in visitors is not an easy matter. There are many things that need to be prepared by a blogger before building a blog. One of them is having to understand at least the basic knowledge of SEO so that the blog can penetrate the search engines. The writings that are made must have an interest so that our work is not in vain.

For example, if you write an article entitled how to create a blog , then the article has the opportunity to appear on Google because many people are also looking for the same thing. On the other hand, if you make an article with an original title like ABCD , then it will be useless because no one is looking for it.

Imagine, you've been struggling to write, it turns out that the market doesn't exist. So before writing, make sure you know what type of article the reader needs.

Remember the law of supply and demand. If many people are looking for certain keywords, then make articles based on those keywords.

Articles made must also be of high quality, complete, relevant and able to provide solutions. Visitors are searching on search engines because they found a problem, so your article should be able to provide a solution.

Most Frequently Visited Types of Articles

Then what kind of content is the most sought after by visitors? The following Igniel blog provides a reference.

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1. Product Review Articles

The experience of using a product can be poured into articles which will certainly be sought after by many people when they buy the same product. They tend to look for reviews and references before buying to find out how the quality of the product is. There are many types of items that can be made a review. The most sought after are usually about the following product categories.

1.1. Electronic goods

Reviews on electronic goods are one of the most sought after considering the routines of people today who cannot be separated from electronic objects, especially cellphones (HP) aka smartphones such as Android and iPhone.

Laptops did not escape the target. So besides smartphones , make sure you write about the latest laptops that appear on the market.

The rapid advances in technology make these two objects always updated in a fairly short time span. Guaranteed, you will not run out of article stock because you will often write the latest smartphone and laptop review articles.

1.2. Vehicle

In addition to electronic equipment, reviews about the automotive world are also sought after by internet users. This is inseparable from the fact that vehicles, whether motorbikes or cars, are a necessity and a lifestyle for most people.

Reviews of the latest vehicle models will be interesting content and much sought after by internet users from various circles. Starting from automotive lovers who like mods, office workers who need fuel-efficient vehicles to go to the office, or for young people who want vehicles with stylish designs .

1.3. Household appliances

Housewives are the right target market. They are very thorough before deciding to buy anything. To dispel doubts, they will seek information from various sources, one of which is through writing scattered on search engines. So making articles about household furniture has the potential to bring in a lot of visitors.

2. Tutorial Articles

Tutorial articles are referred to as perpetual articles . The explanation of a thing tends to be the same from time to time. At least it only takes a little adjustment if it has passed a few years. The contents of the writing will not be timeless. This is different from seasonal articles which are fixated on certain trends or themes that are currently busy and then disappear slowly.

Tutorial articles are perfect if you want to get stable visitors for a long time. But the keyword competition is quite high. Maybe you will bleed at the beginning before getting good results at the end.

Articles on tutorials are very broad in scope. For example, you can make tutorials on how to make something like cakes, create social media accounts, how to edit photos in Photoshop, tutorials for wearing hijab, tutorials on making tiktok videos, learning guitar, how to make websites, and many article ideas about tutorials that you can use. content to post on the blog.

If you are learning to create a blog, make sure to choose quality hosting so that the blog's performance is always stable. For beginners, you can try buying a cheap but not cheap hosting package.

3. Traveling Articles

Currently, traveling has become a necessity for the people. It is undeniable that advances in social media such as Instagram and Tiktok have really helped increase people's interest in traveling . The number of photos and videos of views from beautiful locations scattered on the timeline invites curiosity to try it too.

We can use that niche to write blog content about traveling . Before traveling, usually a traveler will do research first. Starting from price estimates, photo spot locations, to souvenir information. So don't be surprised if traveling blogs or articles are one of the most sought after by visitors.

In addition to the above, bloggers can write articles related to tourist destinations in an area, how to get there, transportation and accommodation costs, the nearest hotel, to do's and don'ts for the knowledge of potential travelers .

4. Culinary and Cooking Articles

Articles about culinary are closely related to traveling articles . Usually people who are traveling to an area will all look for information about the culinary area of ​​​​the area. So as long as the world of traveling is still popular, culinary articles will follow along.

In addition to articles about regional specialties, other culinary content is also widely available, for example about recipes. Recipe articles are sought after by internet users from among mothers. Especially before certain special days such as the month of fasting, Eid al-Fitr, and Christmas, cake recipes and special foods become high in search volume.

5. Promo and Discount Info

Another type of article that is often hunted by Arabians is promo info articles. Currently, the level of consumer consumption has increased greatly thanks to the ease of shopping. The existence of additional discounts or discounts will greatly affect people's buying interest.

The proliferation of online shops and marketplaces to the choice of easy payment methods has made related companies issue many promos to attract consumers and compete with competitors. We can write information about discounts or online promos as articles. Guaranteed a lot of visitors!


The types of articles that many visitors read above are just a reference. Of course you are free to determine the content of your own blog content. If you want to be filled by personal writing such as vent, poetry, and so on, that's your right. The important thing is that you are comfortable and happy while blogging.

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