Top 5 Tips to Travel on a Budget

Travel doesn’t have to break the bank. You wouldn’t have to run out of budget when traveling if you are prepared to take essential factors into account.

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Best Tips to Travel on a Budget

Here are five essential travel tips to help you travel on a budget every time.

Travel around off-peak time

Hotels, airlines, and packages tend to be cheaper during off-peak time. The best way to save $$ is by booking your trip during the off-peak. Be aware of the seasonality of travel to the destinations you’re about to visit.

  • An “off-peak” in one country might not be in another, hence, do research well beforehand.
  • During off-peak, there are lesser tourists which makes it easy for you to move around or enjoy the place for yourself.
  • There are fewer tourists and you can enjoy other types of activities and landscapes.

Choose hostels over hotels

Although hostels can’t be compared to hotels, they can still be the best budget-friendly accommodation. Not only are you getting bed bunk for a cheaper price (some hostel beds are literally just a couple of dollars per night), but you’re getting the best backpacker’s experience.

  • Homestay and couch-surfing are other few great options for budget-friendly accommodations.
  • Homestay is better than hostels. You get your own room and quality home-cooked meals.
  • Couch-surfing works well with most backpackers, and it is cheaper too.

Digital Savvy

Work your way around the internet when you need to book a flight, hotel, or deals. The website has a tricky way of tracking the prices you’ve been quoted in the past. If you surf the same website more often, the price for the same service might go higher. In order to make things competitive and cheap, make sure you’re browsing in secret!

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  • You can use the Incognito mode in your browser before logging into a website.
  • Using a simple VPN on your computer or browser can switch your location to the one that offers a cheaper quote. You can end up saving $100-$150.

Choose public transport

The German government provides 2.5 billion Euro funding package for public transport due to the Corona Crisis I © UTM

Traveling in public transport doesn’t only help to save you huge bucks but also provide an opportunity to chat with the locals.

  • Public transportation such as train, bus, or trams are way cheaper and accessible, hence there isn’t any need to take up a private car which charges $$ every mile.

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Changing Flights

Flying directly from New York to London might seem expensive, but if you take a connecting flight from New York to another city and then to London, it can be cheaper.

  • Most countries and airlines offer discounts just for stopping for a layover in their country.
  • Most budget travelers choose transit flight over direct flights to save cost.

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Enjoy Street Food


Some countries or cities are popular for their street foods. Dining on street food tends to be the cheapest way to feed yourself on a budget.

  • Most restaurants add vat and tax on their already overtly priced menu which makes the customer to pay more.

You can save a lot of money on food if you dine smart.

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