8 things flight attendants are forbidden to do anymore!

7 things flight attendants are forbidden to do anymore!

8 things flight attendants are forbidden to do anymore!

Flight attendants have extremely organized schedules and are, surprisingly, not allowed to do a lot of normal things on their breaks.

Assuming the passenger is in good health

 Just because the traveler looks healthy and claims to be, the flight attendants are not allowed to treat them as such.

 Since the resumption of air travel in light of the Corona pandemic, flight attendants have to check the passenger’s temperature before entering the plane and check the result of the Corona test, which indicates a negative result.

Changes in the sky

As of July 2021, over half of the United States population over 12 years old has been vaccinated against COVID-19. Even still, flying, both domestically and internationally, will probably never look the same as it did before the COVID-19 pandemic—and everyone wearing masks is simply the most obvious difference. Air travel has changed in many other ways and these changes look to remain in effect for months—and possibly years—to come. Flight attendants are on the front lines in the sky and will need to abide by a new set of rules. Here are predictions for how life, in general, might look as more and more of us get vaccinated for COVID.

Serving drinks to passengers

 The next time you plan to fly, be sure to fill up a reusable plastic water bottle.  This is because the flight attendants in some airlines will not provide plastic water cups under the new rules to limit contact with passengers.

Serving snacks

 If you intend to travel during the pandemic, you should pack some healthy snacks in your hand luggage or stop by the airport newsstand for a snack before boarding the plane.

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 One of the new rules that has become mandatory for flight attendants is to reduce friction as much as possible with passengers, and one of the first steps in this is to reduce some non-essential services for passengers.

 American Airlines, for example, is one of the local carriers that has stopped serving snacks to non-first-class passengers.

Checking the cleanliness of the plane seats

 Airplane cleaning is a routine process that takes place quickly between flights to enable the aircraft to quickly return to flight on time.

 However, even if the seat looks clean and tidy, the flight attendants are not allowed to consider it that way, and it is one of the 81 places that are subject to thorough disinfection and cleaning no matter how clean they look at the airport and on planes.

Giving help to children

 Pictures and videos posted on social media of flight attendants helping a crying baby on the plane with tenderness and love have always been popular, but we won't see such clips anymore.

 One of the laws imposed by many airlines today is to prevent flight attendants from dealing with children directly, even if it is for humanitarian reasons.

Eating a meal before boarding the plane

 Many airlines are asking flight attendants not to stop for a meal before starting work, as the procedures for checking passengers etc. have become more precise and careful in the epidemic period, the flight attendant has to come earlier than usual.

 Toilet cleaning task

 In the past, this task was less intense and flight attendants were not specifically required to clean the toilet frequently, since this task was done after the plane had landed.

 Today, many airlines assign a certain flight attendant to constantly clean the toilet whenever it is used by passengers, in order to disinfect it and sterilize it after use.

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